Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc


Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc has offices in Chicago, Illinois and Forest Park, Illinois and is rising as a leading provider of life-skills, anger management, D.U.I. Risk EducationD.U.I./substance abuse treatment, domestic violence and violence prevention training’s. In addition Deer (Re)habilitation Services Inc conducts, educational seminars, systems analyses as well as individual, couples, group and childrens therapy. Deer (Re) habilitation Services was founded in 1996 by its Founder and President Dennis Deer, in an effort to fill obvious service gaps for ex-offenders, teens, disadvantaged populations and others within the African American Community. Today we serve individuals from various ethnic backgrounds and socio-economic groups locally, nationally and in the very near future internationally, in an effort to help them be the best that they can be!!! Please visit our Chicago, Illinois or Forest Park, Illinois offices today to get your DUI evaluation, risk education or treatment services completed today!!!