Law Enforcement Family & Training Services


Law Enforcement Training Solutions program that Deer (Re)hab Services has designed and incorporates is specifically developed for law enforcement professionals. Although many Law Enforcement Training Series deal with what actually takes place in the workplace, Deer Rehab Services has incorporated a holistic model to dealing with various issues in the workplace as well as at home. 

Deer Rehabilitation Services L.E. Training History

Dr. Dennis Deer LCPC, CRC is an Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Certified Instructor. Dr. Deer has over 10 years of Executive, Management and Officer Law Enforcement training experience. Dr. Deer has trained over 26 municipalities within the State of Illinois and has also trained several municipalities across the country. Currently and for the last 9 years Dr. Deer has served as a Lead Instructor at the Cook County Sheriffs Training Institute, consisting of Corrections Academy, Court Services Academy and Sheriffs Police Academy. In addition, Dr. Deer also led the charge for training several municipalities through the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board Executive Institutes, "Effective Leadership" training. Dr. Deer and staff conduct instructional trainings on many topics including: Corrections Psychology, Human Behavior, Cultural Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence, Ethics, Stress Management, Role of A Supervisor In Leadership, Time Management, Toxic Enviroments in Law Enforcement, Law Enforcement Officers and Stress, Identifying the Strengths of Your Officers and Counseling the Law Enforcement Professional. Our organization has recieved rave reviews for our informative yet entertaining style of presentation!! Connect with us today to talk about your next presentation.

In addition, our offices provide confidential counseling services to Law Enforcement professionals and their families. We are active trained members of the Cook County Peer Support Program. We believe that it is thoroughly important that the entire family is an active part of the process.

Recent empirical/research data indicates that many workplace occurrences are blown out of proportion simply because in many cases employees do not possess the necessary skills to defuse situations (rather at home or at work). D.R.S. ’s law enforcement training solutions addresses the underlying thinking of behaviors such as anger, poor work habits, alcoholism/substance abuse and unreliability. As part of the solution, the approach continues on to teach responsible living skills. Soon we will be launching the Hero Health Network, a confidential network of discount counseling services for L.E. professionals.

Enhance Your Agencies Ability To Minimize Stress!!

1.  Increase your knowledge base of employees/officers.

2.  Learn to identify the unique but hidden challenges.

3.  Learn to empower your officers with proven strategies.

4.  Prepare your Officers for family/work related issues.

Using a combination of lecture, demonstration and experiential exercises. Employees will learn to identify their beliefs systems regarding various issues in the workplace. In addition employees will learn effective communication skills that can be learned in any setting.

We look forward to hearing how we can help you to take your Law Enforcement Agency to the Next Level!!! Please contact us by clicking this link.