Depression Counseling


Major depression can greatly affect a persons ability to function at home and/or at work and inhibit the enjoyment of life in any way. Some people suffer depression only once but others may experience it several times in their lifetime.

Answer the questions below to determine if you are experiencing depression. If you answer True to at least four (4) of the following statements, you may be suffering from depression. If you answer True to the majority of the following statements, you are certainly experiencing depression and you need to seek professional help. See a doctor or a counselor before the depression gets worse. Feel free to contact us, we are here for you!!!
True False
l        l  I feel sad and blue most of the time.
l        l  I feel like crying more than I did six
months ago.
l        l  I feel hopeless and helpless most of
the time.
l        l  I have no motivation.
l        l  I’m not interested in things I used to
l        l  Recently I have wondered if life is
worth living.
l        l  I am not sleeping well, or I want to
sleep all of the time.
l        l   I have lost my appetite.
l        l   I am easily irritated.
l        l   I am more anxious about things than I
used to be.

True False
l         l  My energy level has dropped recently
l         l  I dread the morning. It is hard to get
l         l  I have been thinking about myself a
lot recently.
l         l  The face looking back at me in the
mirror is sad.
l         l  My self-concept needs improving.

l         l  I worry about the past, the present and
the future.

l         l  I’ve had more headaches upset stomach, constipation rapid heartbeat, etc. in the last six months than usual.

l         l  I think that people have noticed that I
am not working as well at my job, or enjoying life like I used to.