Chicago General Counseling

Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. is a unique agency with offices located in Chicago's Westside whose clients have common characteristics and unique needs. Counseling staff understand the issues associated with personal growth, and life span development. Counseling assists individuals in overcoming obstacles that may otherwise prevent them from attaining academic, personal, and professional goals. Counselors utilize developmental, spiritual, preventative, and consultative methods to work with clients in order to foster health and success.

If you are visiting this site, chances are you have met one of our fantastic therapist in a training or you may be contemplating choosing us to fulfill your counseling needs. There are many reasons why individuals choose to become part of the counseling process. Likewise on the contrary there are many reasons that individuals and couples choose not to become part of the counseling process. Lets take a moment to examine why individuals choose to come to counseling as well as why they choose not to come!!

Many people come to counseling after they have attempted time after time again to fix the problem that they are experiencing on their own with no success. Sometimes people just want to hear from an objective third party. For others they dont have any other support system that they can trust, so they seek out counseling to vent their frustrations. Yet there are others who believe that the counseling process will magically cure the turmoil thats in their life without them having to do any work!!! Whatever their rationale, they believe counseling is the best way for them to feel some form of relief.

Those that choose not to come to counseling have all had similar thoughts to those who decided to engage in the counseling process with the exception of FEAR!! Yes I said the "F" word FEAR. Often many people want to come to counseling but believe that it may not be socially acceptable or that others may think that they are crazy because they attend counseling. Some are embarassed to tell a complete stranger (the therapist) about their personal problems, innermost thoughts and feelings that quite possibly they have never shared with anyone else. Since many individuals have these feelings they will allow ANYTHING to deter them from the counseling process including but not limited to: Cost of the session, distance of the counseling office from home, unwillingness of significant other to attend, sickness, neighborhood in which the office is located, counselors race, gender or sexual orientation or counselors religion. It is our hope that you will not allow FEAR to dictate your progress in your journey to greatness in your life. Your best years are still ahead of you. Socrates said something many years ago that we at Deer Rehabilitation Services have adopted into our model. He said "If you always do, what you've always done, you will always get, what you've always got. This is the literal definition of "insanity" doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results. If you are interested in downloading brochures that contain specific information about our services, please click the Library/Downloads link here or on the website homepage.

Services include:

Anxiety Counseling       Grief Counseling      Couples Counseling

Depression Counseling  Anger Mgmt.           Sexual Addiction Counseling

Stress Management      Life Coaching           Diversity Awareness

D.U.I. Evaluation          Drug Counseling      Alcohol Counseling

Christian Counseling     Domestic Violence Counseling