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Chicago Domestic Violence (perpetrators)

Domestic Violence Groups In Chicago & Riverside, IL.

Participants in our groups learn and discuss how power, control and excitement promotes discrimination, oppression and ultimately the abuse of women by men and men by women. In addition, men & women (separate groups) examine and share their beliefs about men and women in our society and how their beliefs drive their choices and consequences. We do not do couples counseling or groups when domestic violence is occurring. Couples counseling at this stage only further puts the victim at risk for abuse. Victims are referred to a victim service provider for education and support that they may access.

Cultural Competence

While our program caters to, and provide the tools for any perpetrator of domestic violence to live non-violently (regardless of race or ethnic background), we specialize in working with perpetrators of domestic violence who are African American. Using a combination of the Duluth model, Right Thinking (our accountability based system) and culturally competent language, we examine the origin of belief systems and how those beliefs support their behaviors. Men also learn and discuss the ism's (racism, sexism, ageism and classism) and discuss the infamous "Biblical Batterer" (the individual that believes the Bible justifies power and control). Through this process, we provide the tools that people need to choose a life of non-violent living. 

If you or someone you know:

  1. Are overly jealous of your girl/boy friend.
  2. Call your boy/girlfriend names.
  3. Hit, punch, kick or slap your partner.
  4. Tell her/him that he/she is crazy, and that "she/he makes you do these things to him/her".
  5. Monitor the whereabouts of your partner.
  6. Verbally threaten your partner.
  7. Destroy your home and her possessions, out of anger.

You may have a problem with abuse. Abuse takes place in a cycle and without help, this cycle will continue to spin out of control and get worse. We offer groups that help male perpetrators of domestic violence to change their thinking, behaviors and beliefs so that they can live a violent free lifestyle. In addition, we offer classes to female perpetrators of domestic violence. We also cater to Law Enforcement professionals who may be struggling with these issues. Utmost discretion is used in the group process. (We will start L.E. only classes in the near future).

Our Program is Illinois Department of Human Services Statewide Protocol Approved!!!