"Redefining Intervention Through Therapy, Training and Leader Development"

About Us


Deer Rehabilitation Services initially started strictly as a provider of individual, couples counseling and group therapy services. Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. served as the lead consultant (2000) of the North Lawndale Employment Network in the development of the U-Turn Permitted Program (A program specifically designed to aide and assist ex-incarcerated individuals to return to their communities and receive proper job-readiness, life-skills and anger management training as well as job placement assistance). Deer Rehabilitation services continues to provide the Anger Management module of the Uturn Permitted Program today.

Deer (Re) habilitation Services Inc. certified by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards board and as a by-product since 2000 has been one of the lead trainers for the Cook County Sheriffs Training Institute. Serving as Trainers for the Cook County Department of Corrections, Court Services and Sheriffs Police Training Academies.

Since 2003 Deer (Re) habilitation Services Inc. has served as the Violence Prevention trainers for the Proviso Township Schools system, training students in effective healthy relationships as well as violence prevention education and techniques.

Since 2004 Deer (Re) habilitation Services Inc. has collaborated with Multiple Miracles Therapeutic Services to provide early intervention service to children and youth in and effort to steer them in the right direction. In addition, the organization has obtained a contract with the Illinois Department of Corrections to provide individual and group counseling for juveniles who have been released from incarceration.

In September of 2005 Deer (Re) habilitation Services Inc. received the outstanding community service award from the Honorable Congressman Danny k. Davis at his 6th annual state of the district meeting.

In January of 2006 Deer (Re) habilitation Services Inc. partnered with Healthcare Alternative Services to provide casemanagement services within the Day Reporting Center at the Cook County Jail.

In December of 2007 Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. recieved its initial licensure to conduct D.U.I. Evaluations and Risk Education as well as Level 1 and Level 2 Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment via the State of Illinois Department of Human Services.

In 2009 Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. formed a collaborative partnership with Westcare Foundation a national provider of substance abuse treatment and residential services. Our initial partnership is located inside of the Cook County Jail providing residential treatment services to detainee's with histories of substance abuse. In 2010, the collaborative partnership was expanded via funding from the 2nd Chance act via Cook County to Westcare and Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. to provide family based reentry services to detainee's within the jail and in the community on the south and westside of Chicago.

In 2010 Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. partnered with the Cook County Sheriff's Departments Reentry Office to provide oversight of the Sheriff's Community Reentry Program which targets detainees within the Day Reporting Center and helps them transition successfully into the community. Transition occurs via case management, recovery home services, substance abuse treatment, counseling services and educational services. As a byproduct of this initiative, Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. has added a virtual high school (The Shirley Deer Institute of Higher Learning) outpost to it continuum of care services. Detainee's who are receiving virtual school education within the jail can now continue their education in the community at the S.D.I.H.L. The three targeted communities in this initiative is North Lawndale, East Garfield and the Austin community. 

In 2011 and currently, Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. (DRS) continued to provides superior services in the North Lawndale, Garfield and Austin communities and was subsequently awarded the federally funded Second Chance Act funding via the Prisoner Reentry Demonstration Grant. For this initiative DRS partnered with Westcare Foundation to a national behavioral healthcare provider to provide substance abuse counseling and Pneuma Institute a local education provider for ancillary education and GED preparation. We believe this is a winning collaborative combination that directly benefits the residents of these three great communities. Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. currently provides services in our comfortable and convenient offices within the North Lawndale community (westside) in Chicago, South Loop (Downtown Chicago) and Riverside, IL (Nearby Western Suburb).