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Is an agency located in Chicago’s South Loop, West side and in the near by Western Suburb of

Riverside, IL that is rising as a leading provider of life-skills, Chicago based D.U.I. Classes including

D.U.I. Evaluation, D.U.I. Risk Education Classes and Chicago based Substance Abuse

Treatment Classes. We also provide Anger Management,Domestic Violence, Leadership and

Violence Prevention Training’s. In addition Deer (Re)habilitation Services Inc conducts, educational

seminars, systems analyses as well as individual, couples and group therapy. Deer (Re) habilitation

Services was founded in 2000 by its President and Founder Dr. Dennis Deer, in an effort to fill

obvious gaps in the area's of individual, couples and group counseling services in the North

Lawndale community. Since then, Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. has conducted trainings across

the State of Illinois and across the United States of America and has received rave reviews!!!


Since 2000 Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. has designed and implemented programs for businesses, schools and social service agencies based on its model of "Positive Linear Leadership" which discards deficit models of leadership and focuses more on the strengths of individuals and groups that make up leadership teams. Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc. is a Certified Minority Business Firm certified through the Cook County Certification Program as well as the State Of Illinois Business Enterprise Program. We also help to provide 2nd Chances by partnering with organizations such as Urbanponics and North Lawndale Employment Network to assist our clients in maintaining full self sufficiency through employment and education.



Our mission at Deer Rehabilitation Services Inc is to redefine traditional intervention and provide holistic services to individual, couples, groups and organizations that are culturally competent. This is accomplished through innovative therapeutic techniques merged with the use of cutting edge technology that provide education, prevention, intervention and strategic developmental growth. 



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We now accept all major credit cards for payment of services!!!

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  • Police again called to home of 'affluenza' teen's dad; again no charges

    Police said they were called to the residence of "affluenza teen" Ethan Couch's father on Friday to investigate claims that Fred Couch attacked his girlfriend, but she wouldn't cooperate and no charges were filed. Tarrant County sheriff's deputies responded to a call at Fred Couch's house from...

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